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Favorite Audio Venders?

Just curious about who some of your favorite audio venders are... Want to know about price, quality, duration etc... Since we only get 15 seconds of a preview, what happens after that? Is the audio really usable in different applications? My favorite so far is Xanadu Studios. They just have so much variety. What do you guys think?


  • natzuurnatzuur Posts: 304Member
    Audio Jungle usually has good stuff.
  • waynedarbywaynedarby Posts: 12Member
    I don't turn up anything when I do a game salad search for audio jungle? Is it another web site? Im most curious about game salads different audio developers. When you buy a track on the game salad marketplace, it shows who the audio is done by. You can search the artist name on marketplace and it will show you all of their material.
  • natzuurnatzuur Posts: 304Member
    Ah yes, I see what your saying. No it's not a vendor on Gamesalads Market. Just another website that has vendors.
  • bosonebosone Posts: 56Member

    check also my music on the marketplace! i have a lot of different stuff for every situation... :)

    because here the previews are limited to 15 seconds, i decided to assembled a ZIP with the full versions of my songs, so that you can verify if they fit in your projects.

    download from here:

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