Missile Run on iOS (Free Download)

Our game is now in the App Store! https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/missile-run/id733707858?mt=8

Shoot missiles. Upgrade spaceships. Save humanity. This top-down space shooter will knock the missiles right out of your hands.

Pilot your choice of spaceships and get chased by missiles. Begin a delicate dance of cat and mouse. Or mouse and missile! Better put on those weird goggles that scientists wear, because you're about to get a bucket-load of missiles straight to the face.


• Pilot different types of spaceships in the quest to eliminate and survive missiles aimed at your demise.

• Blast missiles away with your forward blasters. Deploy flares and other special weapons to help you through the onslaught.

• Upgrade your spaceship and also unlock better forward blasters such as the Triple Precision Blasters and the Triple Spread-fire Blasters.

• Fast-paced action and gameplay.

• Upbeat music to inspire your will to survive.

• Be the best of the best on the leaderboards. Can you be the ultimate survival specialist?

• Earn achievements and show off your skills.


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