Adding music to my game

So I have a questions. I am currently using Gamesalad basic membership atm until I can afford to go pro. How can I add music to my game in basic. I have an MP3 i made for the game however I dont know how to add the music to my game so that it plays when the game is on.


  • -Timo--Timo- Member Posts: 2,313
    something tells me you need to use the play music behavior. maybe not that obvious but maybe it will work ;)
  • FajlajpFajlajp Member Posts: 666
    It's really esay to do :)
    1:Add the music as you do with images(drag or press + sign) You add it under the sound tab next to images
    2:Create an actor and call it music.
    3:Select the "Play Music" behavior and there you could find the your music that you earlier imported. Select tap. If you want it to loop and not end when it's finished just check the loop.
    4:Drag the actor of screen and you should be ready to go :)
  • BryceVanceBryceVance Member Posts: 13
    I don't happen to have the sound tab is my confusion, I have a media tab which imports all my photos for actors but not audio or music tab. Does it matter that I am using the windows creator?
  • FajlajpFajlajp Member Posts: 666
    I don't have the Pc version but it shouldn't matter. The audio should be located next to the mediatab. Otherwise try to import the music at the same time as the images
  • BryceVanceBryceVance Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for the help guys. I figured it out. The windows creator adds music in the media tab and the file has to be a WAV or a M4A file to import. MP3 is not currently supported.
  • BryceVanceBryceVance Member Posts: 13
    New problem. So I followed your instructions for creating the actor and having it set to use the play music behavior however when I test the game by hitting the play button no music is playing?
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