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Lets make PukiPets The game!!

BrainStorm GamesBrainStorm Games Posts: 30Member, PRO
We're looking to form a group of talented GameSalad developers to help us create a Pokemon like game we currently have the following:
An artist
The Pokemon battle scene template
The moving around template

What we need:
We need developers to help us create maps and different areas for the game!
Programmers to help program different features into the games such as in app purchase and leaderboards!
We would like to open source the application once it's complete.
So if you're interested feel free to reply or email us at [email protected] with your specific talent!

Thanks in advance

BrainStorm Games


  • Conifer_AppsConifer_Apps Posts: 100Member
    I'm not really up to the caliber of developers you need, but that sounds like an awesome game. Send me a link when it's finished! :-c
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