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Coming Soon To iOS - Bible Trivia Challenge 2.0

Now that Flurry is in the App Store I'm wrapping up another project that has been in the works for a while.

One of the first games I ever built was Bible Trivia Challenge and I built it in Flash using ActionScript almost 3 years ago. It's been a consistent seller in the app store so it's time for a refresh.

Introducing Bible Trivia Challenge 2.0.

The big change is this version has multiplayer support. Up to 4 people compete for high score with a play-and-pass setup. Each player gets 10 random questions from a table of 350. At the end all scores are tallied and the winner is announced. Single player is also possible. :)

There is a hint button that will provide the player a hint that will eliminate 2 of the possible answers, but the hint costs 200 points.

Any comments on the color scheme? I had a totally different design going and it looked great but to "sterile" and not like a fun game to play. Still working on some of the graphics.


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