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Got this message in my inbox a few minutes ago from a user joined today (username:w87900):

Hi Benjamin_m5,
I work for Papaya Mobile in Beijing, China. We have launched a project called AppFlood, that is basically a cross-promotion network for app developers and publishers. It focuses on transparency and flexibility, you can check it out here: []AppFlood[/url]

We opened a referral program recently and I was wondering if you would be interested in it? All you need to do is put a link in your signature/blog that would refer to our site. You can earn then 5% off every developer who signs up for AppFlood through the link you will provide.

Let me know if you're interested, for more info you can contact me at:


I recommend everyone not to do that, because in most times you earn nothing, you only have to pay!!! Keep attention at messages like these. I received a few as i published my two games last year and i really recommend to ignore that!
Just my thoughts about this


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