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Looking for 2D Cartoon Steampunk Art - Can Pay

Conifer_AppsConifer_Apps Posts: 100Member
I'm searching for an artist who can make my art assets for me. (I can program just fine, but drawing, that's another story :)) ) This will include things like 2 or 3 backgrounds, a game character, and some other small little things. It shouldn't take you more than a few hours. I've attached some pics I found on Google of what I'm looking for...

This could be an example of a background, but you don't need to make it as complex - it would be cartoon-esque.

Something like this would be great also. Again, that's way more complex than I need, but details are always appreciated.

Some other things would be a little metal sphere with some steam animations coming out of it, and maybe a steampunk wall image as well. You can either reply in the comments here or PM me with an estimate and some sample work you've already done. If you reply here make sure you mention me with an @ symbol. I'll elaborate more on what I need, and what my game is about if I choose you.

Again, I don't have a lot of money to spend on art, but I can compensate you for your work. Pre-existing art that you already have is fine as well. I'll pick someone in about a day or two.


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