Switching different music from scene to scene.

I have two music and i'd like to apply each one of them to play in different scene.
During the gameplay, i passed the first scene, then press " Next Button " to move to next scene, but in second scene still play the similar music like in the first scene.

I'd like whenever i switch from scene to scene;
. Scene 1 play music A.
. Scene 2 play music B.

Anybody could tell me how to do that please?



  • CodeMonsterCodeMonster ACT, AustraliaMember Posts: 1,078
    Make sure on your music *run to completion* is not ticked. It must be unticked otherwise it will play over scenes.
  • Import as Music, there's no " Run to Completion "
    Do you import as Sound?

  • mc99093mc99093 Member, PRO Posts: 133
    In the "next button" place a "stop music" behavior in the actor above change scene behavior in it. In the next scene place "play music behavior " in a actor it with next song like you did with previous scene. This will resolve your problem.
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