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Tizen Actor Error in Emulator

ajsheahanajsheahan Posts: 30Member, PRO
Hello, my game 'Zombie Pop' (slingshot style game where you shoot stones, knives and bullets at falling zombie heads) functions perfectly on iPhone, iPad, android and gamesalad, however, when I am testing it in the Tizen emulator my main actor (a stone) will occasionally misbehave. Every so often after you restart a round the actor will "break" and duplicate itself on touch but will not slingshot as it should. I've gone through all the code and can't figure it out. Any ideas? I've attached a screenshot of how it looks when performing correctly and when it is not.

Here are the notes from the Tizen reviewer:

1. Run the application
2. Tap to start > Play the game > Game over > Play the game again (Twice)
3. Tap to start > Play the game > Select the 'pause' button > Continue > Touch the stone
4. Check that application operates as expected.
(the stone does not work properly, so can't continue to play the game)


  • TaoOfSaladTaoOfSalad Posts: 83Key Master, Head Chef, Member GameSalad Employee
    Likely an engine bug. Could you submit a bug report with gameproj attached?
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