Vertigoo is out - Free!

SinSquidSinSquid Member, PRO Posts: 135
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Vertigoo is out today. universal build, Totally free (with a few iads)

Would love some feedback, try it out, leave comments, report bugs or just enjoy.

App Store link:










  • DuesDues Member Posts: 1,159
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    Awesome!! Have been looking forward to this! Good luck with downloads!

  • artfishartfish Member, PRO Posts: 369
    edited January 2014
    Freaking beautiful! Just about to fire it up. ;) nice!
    update:The game is gorgeous and the sound is amazing.

    Unfortunately, I shot straight to the bottom of the first level, rolled into the goal and nothing happen. I can still rotate the screen around, but it did not register me in the tunnel/goal. Going to restart and give it another shot.
  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822
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    Fantastic, only been playing it for 10 minutes, only done a few levels and already it looks and feels like the best game I've ever seen seen from GameSalad, amazing work, I hope it does as well as it deserves.

  • SinSquidSinSquid Member, PRO Posts: 135
    Oh... @artfish damn! Yes thats an awful bug (happens sometime, but only on the first level it seems). If you tap the screen with two fingers, you can restart the level, and it will work. Will fix this in the next update hopefully :) Thanx for reporting.
  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Member, PRO Posts: 1,629
    Very nice gamesalad game! Great graphics dude! Just downloaded and will leave you a great review to help you on your way.
  • colandercolander Member Posts: 1,610
    Yeah good game I ran into that bug in the first scene and the two fingered tap restarted it. I also left a review on the app store.
  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick Posts: 9,028
    edited January 2014
    Looks great! Downloading now...

    EDIT: Lovely game! The mechanic...ahh, it's very well done and feels right. You hit the nail on the head, buddy. Will leave a 5 star review once I've played through the game!
  • -Timo--Timo- Member Posts: 2,313
    looks awesome! will download when on iPad and leave a review :) good luck with downloads
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Member Posts: 5,390
    Lovely looking games, just a few bits;

    1. When you die, I would remove scene reset so its just recycled with no load time at all.

    2. The score that comes up at the end of a level I would swap for custom font.

    Just a couple of small bits from me so far but a great little game.
  • ArmellineArmelline Member, PRO Posts: 4,919
    edited January 2014
    Every time I fail to complete the second level, it zips back to the start and then nothing happens :(

    Absolutely LOVE the graphics though!
  • dgackeydgackey Austin, TXKey Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 699
    Looks great! (Submit it to Featured Games!!)

    Dan Magaha · COO · GameSalad, Inc ·

  • CasualEvolutionCasualEvolution Member, PRO Posts: 446
    Wooooow... look realy great! good luck! :)
  • CasualEvolutionCasualEvolution Member, PRO Posts: 446
    Hi @SinSquid, really looks great!. Why you take the decision to go free, rather than sell it to 0.99 ?honestly I think it would sell well. You rely on your previous experiences? either way, again, good luck!
  • -Timo--Timo- Member Posts: 2,313
    Cant download because I have ios5 :( good luck with downloads
  • RThurmanRThurman Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 2,861
    @SinSquid -- You've got a really solid game there! Now comes the hardest phase (marketing). I really hope this takes off for you.
  • TouchiMediaTouchiMedia Member Posts: 154
    I'm not a huge fan of the glow effect around the main character since it doesn't look realtime (as in affect the environment, guessing a glow effect made in photoshop/illustrator for actor?)...

    Other then that it really does look Outstanding and professional! Best of luck!
  • LumpAppsLumpApps Member Posts: 2,873
    edited January 2014
    The Graphics are soooo awesome!
  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Member Posts: 2,343
    Graphics are very very nice...and spooky. The controls are a little hard but I'm just on level 3 so I'll get used to them I'm sure. Nice game.
  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822
    Played this with my 5 year old son today (was stuck in a café for an hour or so as the rain thrashed London), he loved it, but one thing that might be an issue with younger players is that with smaller hands they tend to have the whole of their hands on the screen - which resulted in constant 'two fingers on the screen = pause' situations, it was literally every minute or so, but he absolutely loved the game, it's just that for small kids their accidental hand and finger touches will be constantly pausing the game.

    Besides that, he's a big fan ! :)>-
  • JoeMeisterJoeMeister Member Posts: 602
    Just downloaded it. Played it. Loved it. Left 5 Star Review. JoeMeister out.
  • SinSquidSinSquid Member, PRO Posts: 135
    Thanx everyone, an update with some bug fixes just went live on appstore. Hope to give everyone a better experience. Pretty imbarresing that i`ve missed these awful bugs in the testing. Learn from my mistakes, don`t rush a release, it`s just awfull :)

    Thanx for all great reviews, and hope everyone reading this, takes their time to download this totaly free game (with a few iads).

    By the way... has anyone seen any ads yet? I`m in norway, and havent seen a single ad, tested on several devices. Just passed 20.000 downloads and i really hope some Iads are displayed out there :)
  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822
    edited January 2014
    20,000k in 4 days is pretty impressive ! :)>-

    Yep, I've seen lots of in-game iAds.
  • SinSquidSinSquid Member, PRO Posts: 135
    Oh! great... i still have 0% fillrate in most countries. Is iads really that bad? I now have over 30.000 download and a revenue around 5$ hehe. That`s bad.

    @beefy_clyro thanx for suggestions, i will look into that :)
  • joelhietalajoelhietala Member Posts: 17
    I love it! The graphics remind me of Limbo, and I love that too! Great job, SinSquid :)
  • -Timo--Timo- Member Posts: 2,313
    30.000 downloads :O can I ask what you did to get that many downloads?
    $5 revenue is indeed bad though ;) I am sure it will get more. (maybe make it a paid app?)
  • SinSquidSinSquid Member, PRO Posts: 135
    @timolapre1988 I've done nothing to get downloads so far, no marketing or anything. I guess it's because the game is free. :) im happy that so many people are playing the game, but still very low fillrate on iads. I might do some marketing if iads starts to generate something :)
  • -Timo--Timo- Member Posts: 2,313
    edited January 2014
    I also have some free apps but won't get that many downloads... 2 have 600 downloads and 1 400 downloads. they are 1 week in app store now. probably its because your logo is attractive and looks like Limbo? ;)
  • SnapFireStudiosSnapFireStudios Member Posts: 1,603
    Nice one buddy, looking forward to playing it!
    - Thomas
  • vipasanevipasane Member Posts: 34
    Graphics are amazing but they do, as the whole game reminds me frogmind's badland. ( Still can't believe that you have this with Gamesalad it's so amazing.
  • SinSquidSinSquid Member, PRO Posts: 135
    Just hit 100.000 downloads :) thats pretty awesome. But I see that most people have very low scores in gamecenter, meaning they only play the first couple of levels, and then give up. This might be very common in free games, or maybe the game is to hard?

    @vipsane Yes i`ve been inspired by badland a lot, i really like this graphical style, and it`s pretty easy to work with. I only have to draw silhouettes and not so many details :)
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