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Publishing guides is hopeless outdated!!!

HauschildStudiosHauschildStudios Posts: 71Member, PRO
Hi Gamesalad forum i've now got my apple developer account in 7 month and I still haven't any thing on the appstore!
The manual that Gamesalad supports is made for "an older version of xcode an much older version of itunesconnect an older version of Gamesalad an older version of osx an older version of application loader" and there are many other bugs. That actualy make it impossible to get an app on the appstore or the android marked only following the GS guide, and that's a problem because every video or manual on the internet that shows how to do it is also outdated!

so if any administrator see this then i hope you will do something about it.


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,907Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef
    While I can understand your frustration, the reality is that Xcode, iTunes Connect, Application Loader, and OS X itself change pretty frequently. It's not a simple matter to keep the videos and tutorials all up-to-date. That and most of the tutorials and videos are actually made by community members who do the work pro bono.

    You say you've been at this 7 months but if you've been trying to publish a completed app for 7 months you've been putting your attention in the wrong place. There are many members here who have published apps successfully by using a variety of resources available to them (namely things found via Google Search).

    If you have a specific question, you can likely get help here but just listing your grievances and asking an administrator to "do something about it" may not get you the results you're after.

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  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,914Member
    I have some more current videos on my site. Anything you need to know about iTunes connect, Xcode or app loader you can find on apple's site. This is where I get the info for my videos et...
  • LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,869Member
    edited January 2015

    I would go for @The_Gamesalad_Guru‌ videos. I had some issues trying to implement revmob just to find I could skip a whole bunch that was in the cookbook. (After an hour of trying to fund what I was doing wrong). No matter at what pace it changes there has to be some guide that's up to date or else it is just guessing where to get info from.

  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member


    You might try these as well. I made them around October I think. Pretty up to date.

    They were made for publishing to the App Store ONLY though.

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