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Group theory for Boosting App Downloads

Hey everyone,

After numerous apps and games released to the App Store, one thing is very obvious. Initial download acceleration is critical to boost the number of downloads in the first couple days of an app sale. I did a couple tests with a few identical apps and found that advertising for new downloads as an app is released obviously accelerates that app higher toward the top of the App Store resulting in a push for more downloads based on visibility.

On that first day, every app download is critical. My idea is for an Indie network that will always download a game of the week. If 1,000 indie developers were in this program that would be a 1,000 App boost every time an app is released. Private message me if interested. I was thinking about creating an Email list and whenever a new app from a member is released, the group will download the app. Any ideas?


  • joelhietalajoelhietala Member Posts: 17
    Two problems that I can think of:

    1) If 1,000 people are on the list, the people need to download quite a few apps every day. If an average person takes 3 months to build an app, we need to download (1000/90) 11 apps every day. Even if that didn't sound like too much, a) a lot of people make apps faster than once in 90 days and b) 11 apps *every* day is eventually a lot. Especially as more people join the list and release more apps.

    2) Leechers.

    Great idea though. If only it could work.
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