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State of Tizen survival, approvals & more

ChaserChaser Posts: 1,453Member
edited January 2014 in Miscellaneous
Considering the rockiness that Tizen is going through right now. Figured I'd create a new thread for things like their survival, app approval and so on. Recent news.


  • 3itg3itg Posts: 382Member, PRO
    Samsung is sick of getting sued, and having to sue, the other players in the mobile phone market.
    Samsung is unlikely to let its billions be spent on Tizen to only see a flop.
    Intel is a major player in Tizen as well.
    People can be as hesitant as they want, but Samsung wont stop.
    As long as they have to sell other companies OS to remain profitable, they will, as soon as they can stop without screwing themselves, they will, and that is what Tizen is for.

    Tizen is not really "New" either... The core of the OS comes from Samsungs previous Linux OS "SLP" and they have contributed the whole of their Bada OS to the source.
    (Not a claim to quality, only that this OS wasn't born yesterday.)

    Media coverage is just now deciding to talk about Tizen because we may see Tizen mobile devices soon.
    I think a year from now, Tizen will be a minor player, with a few phones out.
    But nothing to worry about... iOS and Android didnt launch on dozens of devices either. It will likely be slow and steady, but I imagine Tizen will take market share.
  • GameLabs222GameLabs222 Posts: 197Member
    I saw that first article posted somewhere else a few days ago. Sad to see such a bumpy start, I really hope they get their products out there.
  • ChaserChaser Posts: 1,453Member
    It definitely seems as if there is plenty of backing for Tizen but I'm sure there are also those in the carrier side that look at the low acceptance of well known brand Windows phone and say why risk the investment. I would like to see more competition as it leads to more app sales.

    Tizen app approval for my second app is waiting at 3 business days - Their time
  • ChaserChaser Posts: 1,453Member
    Tizen approved my second app today at 4 days and of course submitted to GS
  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,830Member, PRO
    edited January 2014

    WTB delete post option for when you post in the wrong thread...
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