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Rotating your actor relative to your direction of movement

Hi I am new to GameSalad and I have been trying to work out how to get my main character to rotate when the left and right key is pressed so that he is facing the way he is moving.
I simply want him to face left when going left, so rotate 180 when left arrow key is pressed.
I have tried many things and none of them seem to be working. Please help :)


  • slowcutslowcut Posts: 164Member, PRO
    Hi, if you don't want to use any animations, just flip the actors image vertically. When left arrow key is pressed, change self.Graphics.Verticalwrap to true
  • gamesaladnewbiegamesaladnewbie Posts: 3Member
    Still not working! I don't understand Ive tried so many logical ways to flip it which should work and it just won't flip!
  • slowcutslowcut Posts: 164Member, PRO
    Sorry, my mistake...
    When left arrow is down change self.Graphics.Flipvertically to true
    when right arrow is down change self.Graphics.Flipvertically to false
  • slowcutslowcut Posts: 164Member, PRO
    ... and to make it perfect, flip horizontally not vertically
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