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Hi there,
so I am building a game right now that has deep blue apps template pinch, rotate, and zoom in it. It is a great template but I need help. So I have store actors that are off of the scene but interpolate in when a button on the side of the screen is pressed. is there anyway that when I pinch and zoom in on the screen or slide around the scene the store actors could remain in their position so that even then the scene is zoomed I could still use the stores? Thanks


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    In general, questions about use of a purchased template must be directed to the seller of the template through whatever means (e.g. website or email) they provide.

    In this case, though, moving your HUD actors onto a layer and unchecking "scrollable" on that layer should do the trick. I'm not sure if changing the camera settings will affect a non-scrollable layer so it's possible it's not that simple.

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