Mummy Djy

Hard to find a game with a laid-back , but addictive gameplay. Want to get a real work iDevayse creative mind that will be able to stir up the logic to awaken the imagination , and just reward positive charge . It can be described as a game " Mummy Joo ." Download is available now in the App Store at this link . HD version can be found here .

The user can immediately pay attention to quality -designed graphics and frenzied music, which is sometimes able to " tickle " the nerves . And the need to include logical thinking , coupled with this forces the player to enter into a real passion, accompanied by incessant palpitations . What else can " catch " this game ?

The gameplay involves the conversion of the user's finger in a brush with magic paint with which to draw a path little Mummies Joo to his native crypt . Brush cursor on the screen will be presented iDevices skull .

Mummy itself sits astride a mythical bird , and the road to the house can be dangerous and unpredictable. Players will need to include your logic before laying each route , because many conditions must be met in this little journey . First of all, Joo in flight should collect the skull itself - it will score more points and improve his rating in the game.

On the way mummy can meet assistant - good point , which is able to raise the flight to new heights. In the worst case, the road can be seen volcanoes spewing lava - it may interfere with little hero back home.

In the game " Mummy Ju " , there are several locations : " Pyramid of Djoser " and " Pyramid of Cheops ", each of which you can find several levels with increasing difficulty . The developers promise to delight its users frequent updates with new levels and animation.

The game is able to develop a gamer reaction , the sharpness of his mind and imagination. I want to add that excitement will not stand aside , the game " touches a nerve " and does not let the user's attention away from himself . Download "The Mummy Ju " can be in App Store, by clicking on this link.
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