Trouble installing gs viewer on iPad

I think I followed all the necessary steps to deploy (test) my game on my ipad and everything goes ok until I run the Gs viewer from Xcode.
Once I hit run (as described here:, instead of seeing the gs viewer on my connected ipad, my mac launches a simulated iOS (ipad)...and I have no idea why. The ipad is connected via USB, I can see it in my iTunes. Please help :(


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  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343
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    Yo ! I got this ! And I even helped someone last night via skype do this very same thing. @dreichelt :-)

    I suggest installing directly to your device via xcode. Follow these simple steps my brotha...from anotha motha.

    Surely your running version 5.0 in your ios device. If not you need to upgrade to a latest version. is correct.

    Note* you should, if you haven't, go to your developing portal in Apples website and create an "adhoc/Distribution profile for your game you wish to test.

    1. Publish your game in GS under whichever ios device you want (iPhone, iPad or Universal)

    2. Sign said app with an adhoc provisioning profile you made, download and insert into xCode via double click.

    3. Tether your device/devices to your Mac...

    4. Open xCode and along the tabs above, click the "window" "organizer". There you should see your devices with a tab for "applications" under each device. Click that, and down below you will see an add (+) icon. Click that and find your published app...double click that app... and before you can say thanks Thunder_Child it will be installed directly for testing in your device.

    Ya'll have a good one ya hear !!

    All joking aside if this does not work..feel free to PM me.


  • adamrnjadamrnj Member Posts: 19
    Ok, I made some progress, but still getting an error. This is what I get when trying to start GS viewer on my iOS device, any clue what I can try next?
    No provisioned iOS devices are available with a compatible iOS version. Connect an iOS device with a recent enough version of iOS to run your application or choose an iOS simulator as the destination.
  • DuesDues Member Posts: 1,159
    Maybe you made a build for a later iOS then what you have installed on your device?
  • TouchiMediaTouchiMedia Member Posts: 154
    You need an Apple ios developer profile - $100 a year. It is unrelated to gamesalad. Apple requires all iOS tested devices to be signed up to a developer profile.. it can be abeit confusing at first ;(
  • adamrnjadamrnj Member Posts: 19
    I have the Apple profile and my ipad registered under it. I generated the cert, provisioning profile, everything I thought
    was supposed to be done. All good until trying to run/install gv on my ipad. I got the very latest iOS on it and made the GS built for iOS7 as well...very disappointing how difficult it is to test (at least initially).
  • adamrnjadamrnj Member Posts: 19
    If, for whatever reason, the built is off, how do I check/make sure the built of GS matches the iOS version of my iPad?
    Thanks in advance.
  • DuesDues Member Posts: 1,159
    Hmm...Im not very good with Xcode,but I remeber having the same problem once... I got the simulator showing. Cant remember how I solved it, but Im sure it was an easy fix. Sure you targeted your device when building?
  • adamrnjadamrnj Member Posts: 19
    Thanks guys. Got it working. It's always the simplest thing. In Xcode I would see my ipad as a device but it was not enough to make it work. As soon as I checked the the option to mark it for 'development' it started working.
  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Member Posts: 2,343
    Well you marked my answer as answered but I dont think I actually did...but maybe steered you somehow. Glad it working.
  • adcam303adcam303 Member, PRO Posts: 2

    Thunder_Child, I was having the same issues as adamrnj but no more thanks to you!

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