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Hi I'm new to the Fourms,but have been making games for awhile now. Please check them out on ITUNES!


  • RipProductionsRipProductions Posts: 24Member
    Also thanks to t-shirt booth and many others for the easy to following tutorials and all those who help to answer questions in the fourms,you guys have been a big help! If you like the games please leave a review on iTunes!
  • Shadow_DevelopmentShadow_Development Rocklin, CA. United StatesPosts: 85Member

    Hello and welcome to GameSalad @Irakvon18 . I appreciate your willingness to share your apps, but this section of the forums is not for that purpose. If you are interested in sharing your game(s) please go here: Community>Forums>Announce Your Game. Thank you! ;)

    Additional sources to look at while your new here for extra help:

    Have a nice day, I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next.

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