Can I create a universal app using "720p HD" Platform?

I am writing a business app which will display table data in landscape using Display Text. I want to use stretch to publish and I looked at using iPad resolution to create it but with an aspect ratio of 1:33 it is the odd man out. I think 16:9 is the way to go for the future and stretch for this app looks better when stretched vertically compared to Horizontally.

I choose "720p HD" because of its 16:9 ratio and its size. It is easier to work with and Display Text looks much better on the larger devices when compared to apps written in smaller resolutions like "iPhone". I did try the "iPhone" platform but Display Text looks pretty awful on iPad 1 and I suspect it won't look any good on other large devices so I scrapped it and stayed with "720p HD".

The iPhone version I created to test works as expected on all devices. However when I published the "720 HD" version to my android phone the only button I have on screen would not work but it will work on both my iPad 1 and iPhone 4. This is probably a bug with Android publishing which I will report.

I want to know what others think of using "720p HD" to create an app? Are there any issue/s I haven't seen yet that you are aware of? I would hate to write the whole thing and have to redo it because of an insurmountable issue I found at the end of the development track.
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