Platformer Fighting gameplay

Here's some action-packed gameplay from my game.

Princess gameplay{If you wanna skip to the good part, go to 0:29}:

Knight gameplay{The action goes high octane at around the 0:37, then ups the ante at 1:45}:

The enemy sprites were drawn quickly, so it needs improvement, their A.I. is simple too.

That mountain scrolling is looking really stable compared to when I was using my inefficient, bugged code. I thank GShelper, DeepBlueApps for the insight on true parallax, Gamesalad's default tutorial videos hosted by T-shirt booth which drilled the basics of using the game engine into my brain until I went from not knowing what I was doing to be being able to create my own logic and behaviors based on theory{although, seeing as those videos are 2-3 years old, I hope they weren't outdated}, and the forums for answering all my questions. : D


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    Ah, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I was wondering how the touch on those screens work since I don't own any, {all I got is a flip phone for mobile devices}.

    I was thinking, in case I had to reduce the number of buttons down to 2 to 3, I would move the "jump" button to "up" and place it in the area with the two direction inputs.

    Plan B is to reduce the number of action buttons to two, keeping directional input at two as well, and having a button at the top right corner of the screen{where the power indicator resides at presently}, and having a button that scrolls through different attacks mapped to the second action button to allow for varied attacks without having to increase button input. A weapon select button in other words.

    Presently, I have a thing where if two buttons are pressed, you get a different attack. So that the number of techniques goes beyond the number of action buttons. Something I wanted to test was that if I make it so a button is tapped twice in succession, it creates a different action than what is mapped on that button, but I haven't had the chance to test it out yet.

    And thank you for the praise!
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    Looks good i agree with Jon about possibly having too many buttons…I'm working on a platform "type thing' :) atm where you can jump, open trap doors, cut a weight from a rope, slam down to make items drop down, go through teleports, kill monsters etc etc all using one button because i only want 3 HUD buttons left right and jump/action.

    It seems to be working a lot better than having left right jump and action and thats only 4 buttons.

    Test test and test and don't forget to let family and friends play to see how they get on with it (with your mouth closed and hands behind your back) don't tell them anything if they can work out what to do brilliant.

  • FrantoFranto Member Posts: 779
    Hey DeepBlue Apps, your HUD setup sounds direct and innovative.

    I think I will have to brainstorm something up that will work within the limitations of touch screen devices.

    Ah, thank you, that is some really good advice. I'll make sure to test a lot and let others figure things out on their own. I see that it would be a good way to test if your game is user friendly or not.
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