Lone Island - Official Announcement

Hello to GS community,

I am quite impatient to announce that Bonepile Games has started developing a game called 'Lone Island'.

I, as a young developer, came up with the idea of creating a cartoon-ish survival/exploring game.

Rainy night, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, a small crew of a wooden ship is fighting with a storm for their lives. After long hours of wrestling with the nature, the ship crashed into an unknown island, leaving only one man alive. Lying on the rough beach, he opens his eyes. The time for his lone fate just came. He struggles to save his body alive by warming himself, eating whatever he sees and think as edible, but who knows what is edible in this island forgotten by the Gods.

As you can figure out, the game will be all about surviving in an unknown island. Eat seeds and fruits. Gather twigs and grass. Craft pickaxe, woodaxe, torch and etc. Hunt a whole variety of animals. Explore the island. Build a shelter. Protect yourself.


You start with nearly empty stomach longing for food. You start with nothing but your hunger.

- Crafting
- Experience gaining
- Cooking
- Hunger, thirsty meters
- Happy, worried, scaried, sad feelings, each with different effect on your survivability
- Drag-to-move
- Inventory
- Hunting animals
- (Campaign) Pages around the Lone Island giving you information about the route of the ship that you were on, giving you hope for returning back to the World.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


I am still in the drawing part of the game, making all of my graphics alone. I am not even an average graphic designer but I will invest more time on the gameplay.

I will appreciate if ANYONE of you suggest ideas regarding the gameplay e.g more FEATURES.

I will frequently post all the images I draw for the game.

Hunger and Thirst:

This is not complete list of graphics.

Any updates will be mentioned here.


I am sorry if I interfere with the rules of the forum, thus if I made something wrong please notify me and close this thread.

This is all about giving suggestions so I can create a unique game with your help.

Thank you!


  • tylerglessnertylerglessner Member Posts: 246
    Sounds like an interesting concept! Best of luck to you :)
  • AdrenalineAdrenaline Member Posts: 523
    Sounds a lot like Don't Starve, which isn't a bad thing at all. Have you played it? I suggest checking it out (Steam, PS4) not only for inspiration, but because it's an awesome game. It may also give you ideas on how to make your game fresh rather than a Don't Starve clone.
  • CodeMonsterCodeMonster ACT, AustraliaMember Posts: 1,078
  • BonepileGamesBonepileGames Member Posts: 194

    Actually, I have played Don't Starve a lot a year ago. The inspiration came exactly from that game and a mixture of others. However, there is a difference between my project and Don't Starve, which is that Don't Starve players aim to stay alive as much as they can but in Lone Island apart from that you will be forced to look for pages giving you clues about the route of your crashed ship so you can trace back and eventually get back to homeland. It is a sort of mixture of campaigns + endless survival game.
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