[PAID] Additional stuff to be added to my game

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Hi all - I am looking for someone to add the following to my latest game. Everything is more or less in place and on one level right now, so it's easier for me to add levels once this work has been done. I did offer this to someone else but they haven't replied in like 3 days and it's been over a couple of weeks now.

Ideally, I am looking for this work to be completed by Friday or Saturday. I have already added an in game store, money system and other things but struggling on these below - The template I am using is the Crate boy template http://www.deepblueapps.com/crate-boy-template/ and I already have a version of this game out but updating it with lots of new stuff.

Draggable by the player(if they have enough purchased) and once tapped, to destroy everything within a small radius

As above. But destroys everything on the screen

When activated(from its symbol), the snowball rolls down the platforms destroying everything in its path and vanishes into the fire pit below

This below to use tables to control the displayed images.

User can purchase Hero to start with weapons(1 time use only and have to be purchased again) Default Hero is always with the Pistol.
Machine Gun
Rocket Launcher

(Needs to be added) MINE SANTA
Santa will need to be able to place these on the platforms and enemy actors blow up (upto 3) per mine if they touch it.

User can purchase double coins from the store, which doubles everything collected.

I have a new hard to kill type enemy - Horde - which can only be killed by Missile launcher but will need to be killed by the new items (bombs, dynamite and Snowball) but can't be killed by pistol, machine gun or mines.

If you can complete this work within the time frame, drop me a line with an approx costing.

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  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584
    bump. Work is still available. I can extend the deadline until Monday, if that helps anyone

    Like Balls? Then click here! We've 100 coming soon

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