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Web colours, smoothing and graphic size

CapCap Posts: 225Member

a, I would like to know what colour settings you use for your graphics in painting applications. Is it important to use web safe colours?

b, What about smoothing / anti-aliasing. Do you use it?

c, Let's say my main actor is 64 x 32 pixels. What size should I create the graphic for this actor in a painting application? I recently heard it would be better to create and safe it in a bigger size, because it could be useful when porting a game to iPad, for example.

d, Should I then safe it as 64 x 32 png and then import it in GameSalad, or should I import it at - let's say- 128 x 64 and then size it down in GameSalad?

Thanks for advice!


  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Posts: 3,206Member
    A. sRGB will be fine for game graphics. You do not need to use web safe colors.

    B. That is a personal aesthetic choice. Whatever suits the game.

    C. You should make the graphics the same size as the actor.

    On the iPad, you cannot simply scale up the artwork and release the same game, only larger. Apple will reject it. So your actor should stay the same size, and you should add more elements to the game.

    D. You should always keep your graphics at 100%
  • CapCap Posts: 225Member
    At first: thanks for your answer!
    firemaplegames said:

    C. You should make the graphics the same size as the actor.

    On the iPad, you cannot simply scale up the artwork and release the same game, only larger.

    Hum. If you have an actor in your game with the size 64x64, do you then create a Photoshop document with 64x64 pixels?
    Well, to be honest I don't plan to create an iPad game, but you never know if you have the idea to make your actor larger a bit. Imagine you have an actor 48x24 and realize that on the iPhone it looks to small. Now you want to resize it to 64x32, but in your painting app it would look ugly to scale up your 48x24 actor image. That's why I thought it would be better to use a - let's say- 100x100 document, paint your actor image and then save it as 64x32 PNG for the game (or whatever fits and is below 100x100). But the painting app document would be saved as 100x100. That way you always have the possibility to scale your actor image later.

    What do you think about this?
  • CapCap Posts: 225Member
    Anyone? :-/
  • Hipster_Owl_StudiosHipster_Owl_Studios Posts: 214Member, PRO
    i have a question im trying to add a background for my ipad game and for some reason when i drag my drawing to it it comes up all pixelated! i try making the size 1028x768 but when i drag the image it still shows all pixelated and the drawing format is .png can you please help me out with this problem? any new software i should use etc?
  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    make sure image file is set to 72dpi otherwise GS will resize...
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Posts: 3,206Member
    It needs to be 1024 , not 1028. 1024 is the largest dimension allowed.
  • Hipster_Owl_StudiosHipster_Owl_Studios Posts: 214Member, PRO
    ok thanks alot guys!
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