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Hello All!

motorcycle boymotorcycle boy Posts: 429Member
edited February 2014 in Introductions
So I just got into game development last summer. I've had Gamesalad since then but have not started using it until now. I always had the mindset that I'd just outsource everything. Well after having a ninjmup type endless runner take almost 6 months to develop due to weak programmers, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started learning Gamesalad a week and a half ago. I bought a book off of amazon, then switched to Jamie Cross, tshirtbooth, and other tutorials. I have to say this is so much fun and I'm glad to be a part of this community. Now I can rebuild my game from scratch and make it the way I intended it to be. Right now it's got great graphics but is only fun for children 10 and younger to play. It's called "Baby 3 Horn's Great Escape" if anyone wants to check it out. Anyway, I've spent a small fortune over at DBA and GShelper and am diving in! I feel like I'm taking a college level crash course in GS as I literally spend all day (12+ hours) studying and applying what I learn. I'll officially start making games on Monday. Anyway glad to meet you all!

P.S. Back when I was a real newbie to all this I learned my lesson the hard way when I dropped 1K on possibly the worst investment into game making. That would be Project Zero if anyone knows what that was. To the company's credit, they did refund my money with out any hastle. If you ever see this "game making software" near you in the wild, just stand still, look at the ground, and let it pass. Don't you dare make eye contact with it. You've been warned.


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