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[PAID] Need Gamesalad Expert For Small Job

sycoappssycoapps Posts: 0Member
edited February 2014 in Help Wanted
I have a Gamesalad app that I have not had time to finish reskinning.


I need the following done:

1. I need the graphics installed into the GameSalad project.

2. Make an app universal for iOS and an .apk file.

3. Add sounds/Music appropriate for new theme.

4. Add iAds.

I need the source code back with new graphics, sounds and iAds added.

I'm also going to need the the.ios file for universal and .apk file back with my account signature on it. You may login to my mac server and use my apple developer account if necessary.

I need to be able to run on teamviewer before submitting to stores.

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