Copyright issue, proving IP ownership when you have created all property yourself?!?!

Hey guys, i could really use your advice if you have knowledge of copyright/IP. I created a game completely myself and all the images were entirely recreated. I'm meant to have a letter saying i have the rights to use the images similar to flappy bird from the IP owner but how can I write a letter if is about my own self?!?

I'd really appreciate any help, thanks in advance :)

IP email from Amazon:

We are contacting you regarding an application that you have submitted for sale through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program.
Protecting intellectual property rights is important to us. Please provide documentation demonstrating that you have the right to use the similar images of Flappy Bird. The documentation must be either a confirmation letter from the intellectual property rights holder or a copy of the applicable license.


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    My guess is first off, you got a picky reviewer (as do I). It is the same guy every time for all my app approvals. I received the same email about my app and it doesn't help to try and send emails to them about copyright/IP issues. They just email back saying they can reject apps for any reason if they so choose. So what they probably don't like it the use of the word "Flappy" in the title and how the title font looks similar to Flappy Bird's font. Also check your metadata and remove the use of flappy and bird. That should appease the reviewer.
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    I own several start up companies and have run into this issue a few times with my record label. No matter if your titles appear the same, the fact is they are different. I've never personally played flappy birds, I think it's a little, um, dumb, but know what it looks like and I didn't see you using any of FB's images.

    SO, write them a letter:
    "To Whom it may concern;

    I, (your name), am hereby stating that I am the intellectual property rights owner of all graphics contained in this product.

    (Your name)"

    The only thing close which I'm not 100% sure on this but @crazybreadman said it, is your title. The only thing they can get you on there is likeness. Nothing else.

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    While it may not be directly related, it's worth considering if you're being caught up in this:
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    hi IcedB

    Did you manage to resolve this issue? if so what did you do?
    I am having similar problems with an app im trying to publish

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