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work in progress

codybeanscodybeans Posts: 74Member, PRO
So my game being designed for Android(once monetization is back or up and going), is going pretty well!
Basic tap to dodge oncoming object game with swim physics or underwater physics rather. It's pretty challenging..
and not to make but to play! It actually has me nervous while playing my own darn game! It's really a proud moment for me.
Here's my stumbling blocks
-at first..i mean this is only my second game to ever work on so I had to listen to some major amounts of youtube
-the amount of attributes to make something make sense and keep highscore, reset score, stop enemies after death
-Making my characters actually look like a cartoon! My main character looked like something out of a bad dream because I'm not digital artist. Just a person with a big imagination. Finally getting a grip on that!
-Android ad problems. GS is working through this I'm told so I have high hopes! I just only like android
So keep an eye out and I can't wait to finally post this is 'announce your game'.
Thanks GS for the awesome creator tools.
also, thanks to Jamie Cross. I'm a Windows user but everything in his videos is basically applicable and awesome for noobs such as myself.


  • codybeanscodybeans Posts: 74Member, PRO
    Well awesome stuff. I have almost all characters created and finishing animation. After that comes opening screen and music. Plus maybe a share or rate button. Then comes the fun uploading part which should happen Sunday. Android windows fun fun
  • codybeanscodybeans Posts: 74Member, PRO
    Alright all characters fully animated and main chars defeat spawn made! Amazing how after you have worked on it for a while, things in gs become much easier to mold to your command. This is awesome! Definitely on track for release on Sunday!
  • codybeanscodybeans Posts: 74Member, PRO
    By the way this is also being posted for a . myself and b. To help encourage others. So if you run into a stumbling block, remember. ?..ecen I made it this far haha
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