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Some audio frustrations

jwinkjwink Posts: 4Member
I'm really new to GS, but I'm having a blast with it. Still, there are some frustrating things I've come across that I thought I'd share in case anyone had words of wisdom for me.

I am developing a music training app. So far I've created a rudimentary metronome and piano keyboard, and an ear training game where the user has to identify notes played (1-5 at a time, according to a table). Everything is working OK in preview, but last night I tried publishing to HTML5... Yikes! Here are the issues I've come across:

- Not related to publishing, but for some reason I cannot import CSV files into a table in Creator (I tried three different CSV formats form Excel). Not sure what I'm dong wrong!

- For some reason anything that I had toggled "off" in Creator (effectively commenting it out) got turned back on for publishing, which caused much confusion for me as there were several debugging displays and abandoned rules that I hadn't cleaned out at first.

- Safari does not support OGG files out of the box without adding Quicktime extensions. iOS devices don't support them at all. Rendering my app useless on them UNLESS I were to go replace all the OGG files with MP3 or AAC files, which I don't want to to because...

-...OGG files are better for games, due to the way metadata is stored in the other formats. With MP3's, all that data is crammed into a file header which can throw off load/trigger times (at least that's what I understand from having worked as a composer for some Nintendo DS titles; The programmers were able to achieve things like seamless audio looping with OGG files but not MP3). I also don't want to swap out my OGG files because...

-...because GS doesn't allow me to reference sound files from a table (hint hint, GS folks!), I have TONS of rules governing what sound to play when. Reassigning all the sounds manually in Creator is going to be a pain!

Any helpful hints or commiseration is appreciated!

Thanks, GS community!


  • jwinkjwink Posts: 4Member
    Ah... I see... MP3's aren't supported by GS anyway, only OGG, WAV, and M4A.

    Of course, when I replaced one of my OGG files with an M4A I couldn't find it in the pop-up list of sounds (even though it was in my media list). Frustrating!
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