***BillyBobs Adventures available now on ios [FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME]***

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its been a long wait but billybobs adventures and The Evil Fly King is finnaly here!

you're a cute little alien that once had a peaceful life living in his village with his friends until one day everything changed.
A hideous creature known as "The Evil Fly King" destroyed everything you loved, its your mission to stop him before he destroys other innocent lives.
Do you have what it takes to defeat The Evil Fly King?

-20+ incredible levels for you to enjoy [more comming]
-hours of enjoyable gameplay
-3 unique powerups
-beautiful graphics
-boss fights
-3 playable characters!, each with different abilities
-smooth touch based controls to fit your every need
-special mode (unlockable at the end of the game)
-constant updates
-an epic sword to kill enemies in one blow





link to the game on the appstore

[[[[[Please leave a rate and a review/i would love feedback in the comments below, thanks so much everyone!]]]]]]

thank you for helping me and supporting me:
@paraskevopoulos @TheGabfather @LoungeGames @JScott @mattcrigames @VeiraGames @Thunder_Child @quantumsheep
@Braydon_SFX @Chakku @Fajlajp @RockitGames @matarua

especially thank you to @socks without you i dont know how i could of made this game the way it is

thank you for making some of the graphics in my game


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