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Hello everyone!

RuxelRuxel Posts: 12Member

My name is Lasse, I'm 16 years old and I live in Denmark.
I am a website developer. I can HTML and CSS - also a little bit of PHP.
I've never created a game and then I thought: Why not?

Here is the story why I want to create a game, and why I join GameSalad's community.

Well, for fun I told my friend that I created a game, and he should try to play it. He played it and he said it was awesome.
I didn't create that game, but he believed me. One day after I told him the 'lie', I told him that I didn't create it anyways, but I promised him to create a game that would be way more fun. Now I am here!

I want to create games, I want to get help and I want to help the community here!

I've always loved doing pixel-art, and my future games will be 8-bit games!

Unfortunately, I am using a Windows PC. In the future I will buy a Mac Pro or a iMac. I've heard GameSalad works better on Mac OS X.




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