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Catrunner! 364 sells and counting!

B1984B1984 Posts: 91Member, PRO
edited February 2014 in Announce Your Game!
Catrunner! has been released on the droid and Amazon markets. Within 30 minutes of announcing the game to our Facebook community we've sold 364 copies and made our investment back.

About the game: Catrunner! is a simple arcade game where you navigate a catfish through a river eating the other fish while avoiding hooks. The main objective is to get a high score. Leaderboards and achievements coming to version 1.5 within the next day or so. Apple version will be released when we reach our 500 sells goal.

Purchase information:

Droid market:

If you want to buy a copy, I would suggest the droid version. The Amazon version had to be updated with a new version(bug was found) and has not been updated in the stores yet.

Apple version coming soon!

Special thanks: thanks to the GS community for the help and support, especially Jamie for being patient with all my stupid questions. With this simple dive into the GS we hope to release future titles with more depth and content.


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