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the minimum measures

Hello, I'm new to GameSalad.
I have some doubts,
I was watching a video of graphics of actors for gamesalad,
but not understood very well because my English is basic.
According to the video if the picture is 20 X 30 graphic quality is 32X32?
but I really need to know what are the minimum measures, is ( 8X8 ) GameSalad?
Can use these measures and how it affects me
(8X10, 8X15, 8x20 ,8X25 ,8X30 = 15X8, 10X8 ,8x8 , etc..)
for exampleI
brick, 40X20 is possible that measure and graphically affects me?
will be as if the brick can be graphically 64x64?
Greetings and thanks for your time.


  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,687Member
    Hi and welcome,

    You can import art any size and drag it onto an actor and the actor will be the same size as the art.

    If your doing retina just be careful that the image divides evenly so if you select resolution independence and import a 128x128 image and drag into an actor the actor size will be 64x64 and will be fine (you still build in non retina workspace btw).

    If you make an 85x89 image for retina then you will have problems with people on older devices cause GS will half the size so a 85x89 will become 42.5x44.5 and it will be blurry…just try to avoid the .5s and you will be fine.

  • LordjawiLordjawi Posts: 9Member
    More thans (b)
    understand it, the resolution is 128X128 independence and (no retina 64x64)
    but the correct size is 16x16 resolution independence and (not retina 8x8)?
    if I use the( 8x8) resolution independence,
    for other devices will be (4X4)?
    but the minimum measure of an actor for example (2X2) .
    may be the actore as you want, without limits that are multiples only two?
    Sorry for a beginner :S
    Greetings and thanks for your time!
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