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SlimeRush is a pixel art retro arcade game! you as player will take control of a slime's life! help the poor creature to collect his beloved skulls .. and avoid the spikes! sounds easy? wait until the game is released (hopefully 6th of march 2014).
The game is already being reviewed by apple !

Note: All game assets are originally made for the game, idea, graphics, sounds and music!

wish me luck and support your friend (me) by:
-liking the facebook page:
-following us on twitter:
-liking the SlimeRush trailer:


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    Nice one! I will play it for sure as soon as it is released. Keep us in touch!
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    I will and thanks :)
    btw a newer version of the trailer is being uploaded right now, it is really not clear the current one, so I will post the link again as soon as it is up the difference is (old=17mb new 4GB) !

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    Ok I edited the first post, now the youtube movie is way smoother ..

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