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Problem with publishing in GameSalad

fillip99fillip99 Posts: 0Member
edited March 2014 in Introductions
When i try to publish my game from gamesalad to, i get the screen where says that is "Now Publishing" and it doesn't go away, and it is not published. How can i fix this?


  • gyroscopegyroscope I am here.Posts: 6,577Member, Sous Chef, PRO
    edited March 2014

    Hello @fillip99 Welcome to the Forums. :-)

    Please make your thread titles more descriptive in the future... "Can someone help me?" is meaningless in a way. Please try to make it relevant to your question.

    (Can you imagine if everyone's thread titles were "Can you Help?" "Please help!" "Help Please!!!!!".... no one would know what any of them was about and would waste so much time opening them up to find out). I'll amend your title this time, in a minute.

    As to your question, there's a little glitch when it comes to publishing there... after a few minutes, click in the title bar of the web page and press return to reload the page... it should then refresh and ask you to sign the app to finish the process.

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