Looking for Help / Possible Partner with my Game Development & Studio

DavidG1989DavidG1989 Member Posts: 4

Hope you are all well on GameSalad. I am currently in the middle of developing my first game application. All the graphics & sound effects are complete, however there are some sections that I am really struggling with, namely trying to re-size an item during game play and reactions to a collision.

I am looking for someone to come on board with my new Game Studio, I do have some limited knowledge of GameSalad but Ideally looking for someone creative.

My background is marketing and PR / Computer Based Design. I have an extensive Marketing Plan in place that I would be looking into, as a possible partnership I would look after all Marketing, Graphic Design, Online Marketing etc. You would look after tweaking anything I can't do 100% and having a go at me when I make a mistake.

I would really like to hear from anyone that is interested ( I may be able to pay for your services and /or arrange a possible royalty percentage. Much like the other 1000 people uploading apps to the app store every day, I really do think I have a good enough Business Plan, Different angle and story, good contacts with the media to really get some good coverage. More importantly I find this extremely fun so if /any small profits will only be a bonus

Please DM me if you would like to find out more or have a question, look forward to hearing from you, hope the rest of you have a good day.


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