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Introducing myself - and some Newbie Questions (of course!)

StorycrowdStorycrowd Posts: 3Member
Hi All,

I'm excited this morning to have found GameSalad! I work as an independent freelance Web Designer (in Salem, OR, USA), and while I like the work, I am always looking for new ventures to try. Creating a game with GameSalad seems like a great idea for so many reasons.

Anyways, a couple newbie questions, if anyone cares to help me orientate myself. This seems like a pretty great forum community and I am super-glad of that...I know how much difference that can make for learning and for motivation.

1) I'm a Windows user, 99% of the time. I do have access to a pretty new Macbook Air, though (my wife's). I would prefer to work on Windows, but if working on the Mac Creator is a million times more preferable, I would probably go that route. I also like the idea (if it makes sense) of writing on Windows, then 'porting' to Mac for compiling (sorry if I am getting some terminology wrong here). Would that make sense at all, or is the GameSalad Mac Creator's set of features just so good that I should probably learn and create directly on a Mac?

2) Along the same lines - I'm wanting to develop for iOS. Is that even possible with the Windows creator? Does my "create on windows, compile on Mac" theory help with this problem, at all?

3) Regarding submitting an app for Apple approval - it seems like the GS team works pretty hard to make sure the engine is compiling compliant code, and as such, most of the time, getting Apple approval for your app should be pretty easy (if you've done a good job and tested-tested-tested). Am I right in thinking this? -- or is the approval process more tricky than that?

4) I won't lie to y'all - I'm looking to make some money, if I'm going to teach myself game design. It does sound like a lot of fun, but at the end of the day, I've got some mouths to feed and my time is valuable, so I'd hope for a return on my time-invested. Any success stories out there, or anybody want to shoot down my hopes right away for me?

I appreciate the community taking the time to say hi and help point me in the right direction as I start learning (gonna go watch tutorial videos now).


Steve aka Storycrowd


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