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Play Sound when actor touched

sebmacflysebmacfly Posts: 1,018Member
Hi there :)

I just want to know how to play a sound when i touch an actor...

I use a rule :
When actor receve touch pressed,
Play sound XXXX.ogg

But that doesn't work, sometimes i can hear the sound but he don't always play it... why?
i have to click on the actor 3 or 4 times, maybe more, to hear the sound...
So bad because i need to make a synthetiser

Thanks in Advance!


  • chrisalchrisal Posts: 74Member
    have you ticked the run to completion box??????
  • sebmacflysebmacfly Posts: 1,018Member
    Hi, thanks, but i don't want to run to completion... i just want the sound to be played when my finger is on the actor...
  • chrisalchrisal Posts: 74Member
    try to change it to

    Mouse event: pressed

    it will work on the iphone
  • sebmacflysebmacfly Posts: 1,018Member
    Ok thank you...
    I'll try that.
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