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Buy your way to the top 5 for $50k

UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,687Member

With all this talk about buying your way to the top i had 30 mins spare yesterday so set about a google search and found a company who can guarantee a free app a top 5 place for $50k, i also found out it takes 80k downloads (US) to reach this position if the lady i spoke to knew what she was on about.

Heres a quick pic of the xls they sent me, i have excluded the company name as i don't really want to advertise them.

They only push free apps btw and don't have prices for universal only iPhone and iPad and apparently (spoke to them on Skype) if they don't manage to reach your target they refund down to the next level all the way to top 100 and if it doesn't make the top 100 you get all your money back…yeah right :smile:

They also told me how it works which was no surprise…."Here is our method, we will pay people to download the target app but our people may not really play it but you will get non-incent users from the high rank".

Anyway thought i'd share my findings and before anyone asks "no" :smiley:



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