Major issue!! Someone plz help me!!

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Ok so ever since gamesalad 8.6 came out i have been having a issue that i am calling "big" however it might be a very small thing for you guys. So now whenever my secondary "obstacle" actors jump they jump higher and higher to the point where they leave the screen. My restitution is set to 1 for both the jumping actor and the platform that its jumping on. How do I make a less impact when the actor bounces off of the platform??? How do i make it so the actor keeps on jumping at the same height???

I have been trying to figure this out for 2 days now and its really bugging me out so if anyone knows the issue im having please help me out! :)


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    Have you tried setting restitution for platform to 0?
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    Yup, i get the same results. What's making my actor jump is a downward gravity of 270 with an acceleration of 1200. Do you think this has anything to do with it?
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    Most people recommend not using physics in a platformer. Instead use acceleration down on the actors you want to be affected by physics.

    FMG has a basic demo of a platformer. I haven't tried one myself, but I would look at that for now.
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    JGary321 said:
    Most people recommend not using physics in a platformer. Instead use acceleration down on the actors you want to be affected by physics.

    FMG has a basic demo of a platformer. I haven't tried one myself, but I would look at that for now.

    yeah, use accelerate behavior on actors instead of the gravity. this way you can control "gravity" at real time, and avoid some problems (like actors not being affected by gravity)
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    What should the acceleration be? 1200? And I just tried using acceleration and it still went really high and off the screen. Im not sure if im doing something wrong but can someone tell me how to use the acceleration because ive never used it before...
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    remove gravity & just put in accel down @ 120 on each actor you want to be affected by gravity. (play with this number, but start here)

    It will be easier to make a game.attribute called gravity & make the accel rule point to that, so you can change all your actors with one game.attribute. this way as you tweak it you don't have to edit every single actor.
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    But even with acceleration my actors seem to be going up higher and higher. How do I keep them elevated in the same place over and over
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    How can i keep the gravity but keep it jumping at the same height level? In gamesalad 8.5 it was working perfectly fine but now my actors are jumping really high and i don't know why.
  • expired_012expired_012 Member Posts: 1,802
    The main thing I'm trying to figure out is how to keep the actors jumping at the same height every time they jump. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks
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    Your jump up needs to be accelerate 90 relative to scene at whatever speed works for you. Put this in a timer (for) and check "run to completion."
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    But my main actor is not the one jumping. There are like 4 actors jumping on the screen blocking my main actor from gettin through. Those actors are jumpin on their own while my main actor tries to make it through them. However, those actors jump higher and higher until try leave the screen. How can I still make them jump using gravity but jump at the same height over and over again?
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    my question too!
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    I see two ways to resolve the issue. The first would be to apply the rules @scitunes suggested to the four actors in question. Theoretically this should work. I'm only saying theoretically because i haven't tried this exact configuration in GS yet, but the logic seems sound.

    The other path to take is instead of it being an accelerate or gravity behavior, make it a "Move To" behavior, set withing timers. This way, you can make each of the actors move between the same "y" coordinates. This will create the "effect" that they are all jumping to the same height. By placing them in timers, you will be able to alter each actor's speed to make them either move simultaneously or slightly off from each other.

    Let me know if you need more help on this issue.

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    @Yodapollo - you could probably use interpolate too to alter the Y value of the actors, no?

    QS :D

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    Chuck Norris used interpolate when he escaped the war camp in vietnam....

    Just sayin..
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    Here is a good solution as well. In the jumping actors' Motion attributes, check the Apply Max Speed checkbox and change the Max Speed to something like 600.
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