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How do I know what's going on with PlayHaven?

I have PlayHaven integrated into a game which launched recently, and I'm fairly sure that it's displaying ads as I intended (approximately 50% of the time when someone either retries the game or exits to the main menu) but I don't see any way, on here or on PlayHaven's site, of seeing any sort of stats. Can this be fixed?


  • bjandthekatzbjandthekatz Orlando, FlPosts: 1,375Member

    You will get an email once a month with the reports. When you have over $10 they will payout. Because of a contract between GameSalad and Playhaven it has to be done this way.

  • thedroughtisoverthedroughtisover Posts: 7Member, PRO

    Okay, that's good to know, thanks. Any way to find out when in the month this processes, and also to confirm that the ads are actually working properly? Otherwise I'll just wait. o:)

  • SmokeyAce73SmokeyAce73 EarthPosts: 370Member

    Just wanted to thank @bjandthekatz

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  • thedroughtisoverthedroughtisover Posts: 7Member, PRO

    A somewhat unrelated question, but I don't want to fill up this board with posts - do any of the other ad providers (preferably displaying interstitial ads) provide this information?

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