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Gamestudent 101

gamestudentgamestudent Posts: 504Member, PRO
edited March 2014 in Introductions

Hey, you guys of the GameSalad-iverse a poor play on words of GameSalad and Universe, I Just Wanted to "introduce" myself to the community, and perhaps see if I could convince some people to read my blog about my experiences with GameSalad and app development, which you can find here:

So, My Games Arn't anything special yet, but I hope to improve my skills and develop some cool stuff. Here are links to the two games that I've posted to the GameSalad arcade: Off My Cor

Check 'em out, They're cool... In comparison to My shoes or an unripe banana.

thanks you guys.

P.S. GameSalad users Need a Nerdy nickname That we can use to refer to each other, you Know like trekkies or junkies.


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