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edited March 2014 in Help Wanted

The purpose this forum is to allow individuals to recruit project members from the GameSalad community. It is open to paid and free projects.

What should be posted here:

  • "Help Wanted" ads for project that are in development and need artists, designers, writers, developers, sound designers, etc.
  • Detailed descriptions of the project, including whether the role is PAID (which should be indicated in the title) or free, what roles are needed, the duration of the project, etc.

What should not be posted here:

  • Threads asking questions about art creation techniques
  • Bug reports
  • WIP project posts or advertisements of commercial tools/services
  • "Check out my portfolio, I'm available" threads -- use the Art and Sound/Music forum for this!
  • Multiple repeated "Help Wanted" threads -- one per project, please. Edit your post to update / refresh, no more than once per month.

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