Hello! I am a newbie to GS...

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Hi, everyone! It's great to be join GS and studying once again since left university due to my illness -- I can imagine it might be long way to becomes a expert but it is a lifetime of opportunity ^__^

I always wanted to make an JRPG style and I can tell there are lots of work for level up system, battle system, text dialogue screen, the anime-style opening/ending. Not mention to the pixel style game just a little like Alundra style (minus action-rpg heh). I know I shouldn't paranoid too much, even my project is yet to make but it's sound effect, music and voiceover -- all of them are my weak point because I am difficulty hearing and just wonder how can I solve those problem?

I'd love to ask many questions about managing the JRPG game but now isn't good time until then ^__^

I apologies for my lack of English sense in case.


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