Apple's Web Service Operation Was Not Sucsessful

drakee510drakee510 Member Posts: 49

Hey guys, I am trying to upload my game to iTunes connect but I keep getting an error by Application Loader. Is this a Gamesalad problem or is this a problem just I'm having? I am using



  • lycettebroslycettebros Member, PRO Posts: 1,598

    This is a problem you (and someone else I saw) are having. I uploaded an App on the 22nd March and it went fine (10.4.1).
    You should check that your bundle IDs are the same for the App on iTunesconnect, Developer and Gs publish site.

  • drakee510drakee510 Member Posts: 49

    I tried resigning my app, still not working. Any Help?

  • Skyrocket_EntertainmentSkyrocket_Entertainment Member Posts: 206
    edited March 2014

    Delete your App Store provisioning profile, request new Provisioning profile for App Store and reinstall.
    Make sure version of your published game by GameSalad is match version on Itune Connect. Example, on GameSalad is 1.1 and on Itune Connect must put 1.1 too.

    I bet, this will resolve your problem.

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