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Website requirement to upload games on appstore

hello loyal brothers
I have a website already and a game on appstore. I want to delete that website and make a new one for the existing app on appstore, is that possible?
thank you for your attention.

Best Answers


  • mcrtommcrtom Posts: 147Member, PRO

    Why wouldn't it be possible?

  • InovaTechInovaTech Posts: 161Member

    Is it possible to erase the website? if I erase the website would my game erase from appstore?
    I am so new at this. thanks again

  • InovaTechInovaTech Posts: 161Member

    atta boy bjand. I think that is it. so to conclude:
    *I dont need a website to upload a game on appstore
    *website is useless unless you want to make profit out of it
    *you are aloud to delet any website created by you
    thanks loyal brothers

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