crashes on device!

silverducksilverduck Member, PRO Posts: 20

I have a game on the iOS App Store, called Jump Jump Boom. It was running fine. Then the other day it started crashing quickly and consistently. As far as I know, this didn't coincide with any updates of the app, the iOS, or GameSalad. It was working one day. Then the next, it wasn't. I started making more development builds and they exhibited the same problem. The game is a bit over 40MB so I'm suspicious of its size.... the only time I got it working again was when I accidentally resaved the project and disconnected all the images (so the game played with nothing but blank squares). This took it down to about 11MB.

It seems like a memory leak of some kind. Even if I just stay on the main menu, everything is copacetic for about 30 seconds then the app just shuts down. Regardless, I don't understand why it started crashing all of a sudden.

Any ideas anyone? I'm hoping there's a better option than massively downsizing things... since I'm not sure how possible that'll be.


  • silverducksilverduck Member, PRO Posts: 20

    I just tried playing it in airplane mode (on a whim) and it crashed almost immediately (repeatedly). When out of airplane mode it crashes after 30 seconds or so...

    I have no idea how to interpret this.

  • DuesDues Member Posts: 1,159

    I had the same problem last week. Its not a published app, but its out for testing. It was running perfectly but all of a sudden people reported crasches and I experienced it on my own devices too. I did not change anything or updated anything. When looking at it in Xcode it seems that the memory usage is way higher than it was before, but thats just for a while.

  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Member Posts: 5,689

    Reducing the size of your music and images will help but i think GS still has a memory leak like you say.


  • Yovanny369Yovanny369 Member Posts: 105

    I also having crashes in the ad hok and i didn't put images in my test.
    What's going on? :(

  • silverducksilverduck Member, PRO Posts: 20

    Is anyone with Pro having this problem? I'm suspicious of the GameSalad Network ads for some reason...

  • willkeslingwillkesling Member, PRO Posts: 123

    Which Ad network are you using? I am using Playhaven ( just between levels ) seems to be working fine.

  • Yovanny369Yovanny369 Member Posts: 105

    I'm about to be a Pro, and i'm going test and post the result here.

  • Yovanny369Yovanny369 Member Posts: 105

    GN that was my issue, now as a Pro when i turn off the GN everything runs fine!

  • silverducksilverduck Member, PRO Posts: 20

    Hmm. I got an email today from GameSalad's bug team and they confirmed my suspicions and everything is fixed now. The problem was on the network side. I suppose until I get a pro license that's just a liability I'll have to live with.

    Also... download my game, Jump Jump Boom... iss fun!

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