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HTML5 Engine Update 3-25-2014 (Windows 8, Tizen, Arcade)

TaoOfSaladTaoOfSalad Posts: 83Key Master, Head Chef, Member GameSalad Employee

We have a new build for the HTML5 platforms: Windows 8, Tizen, and GameSalad Arcade. In this build, we bring these platforms up to support upcoming 0.11 features and to address numerous CS issues.


  • Added support for new behaviors and functions from Creator 0.11.
  • Fixed issue with Accelerate behavior when an expression was used for the angle, which could freeze the game, prevent it from changing scene, and other odd issues.
  • Fixed issue with Constrain Attribute behavior when the constrained attribute was also used in the value expression to modify itself.
  • Fixed issue where missing images could cause the game to freeze while loading or changing scene.
  • Fixed text parity issues for newlines and tabs.
  • Fixed other text layout issues seen only on Windows 8.
  • Fixed JavaScript compatibility warnings in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed warning messages when building with Tizen IDE.
  • Fixed Tizen submission failures for "privilege" issues.

Known Issues

  • Some features of the Play Sound behavior are not supported in HTML5: pitch, positional sound, velocity shift.
  • On Windows 8, there may still be text display issues with special symbols and non-Latin languages.


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