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Upload game from windows to iphone

I am using my windows to create my games, but I know I need an Mac to upload to ios. Can I create the games with gamesalad on my windows and then move the file it to my girlfriends mac and upload to apple? Or do I have to create the games on a mac also? Thanks!

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  • SmokeyAce73SmokeyAce73 EarthPosts: 370Member

    What I did was created a game on my windows computer and uploaded it to my profile as an unfinished game so only myself could see it, I then went onto my mac and downloaded it onto my mac and just opened it on the mac.

    Let me know if you need any more help!

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  • RexipexiRexipexi Posts: 17Member

    Thank you! I will try this when I am done with my game :smile:

  • RexipexiRexipexi Posts: 17Member

    Thanks Smokey!

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