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Want music/sfx for a game - This is paid

wij_manwij_man Posts: 66Member


I want some music making for a game I'm building ATM. This would be a paid gig. I would want you to make 6/7 short sample tracks, I'd pick one of those, then you make a few more (similar to the one I picked), I'd pick one of those, then you'd develop the full SFX/music for the game based on that track.

I'd want a few sample tracks first (nothing related to my game, just stuff you have made and I can verify), so I know that you know what you're doing...

Once the concept art is finished, I'd come to you with the art and ask you to start making the sounds. That should be in the next week or so. This is just to get the ball rolling, and to give me time to vet some of you ;)



  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member

    Do you have a rough idea of what your music / sound design budget is going to be ?

  • MetalloMetallo Posts: 82Member, PRO

    Hi there,

    Check some of my stuff here:

    I'm an experienced musician and I scored some short films. I'm making music and sfx for a game currently together with another short film.

    If you are interested just let me know.


  • wij_manwij_man Posts: 66Member

    Sorry for the delay in coming back to you guys. @Socks - No idea of budget, you tell me what I can get for how much (PM would be best). The most important thing for me is example work. @Metallo - I'll have a listen when I get back in. Could you PM me a rough idea of price for what I've asked for?

    There would be a main menu track (short loop), a main game track (long loops), 5 more main game tracks (very slight variations on the main game one, these are for different stages, minimal changes). And some basic SFX (jump, coin collection, checkpoint, level end, level complete, sad; player died, sad; player eaten-died, menu tap noises, world unlock noise).

    I've already had a few quotes for this stuff through PMs. So if you have an idea of price, or any more questions, let me know either here, or by PM. :smile:

  • wij_manwij_man Posts: 66Member


    Anyone else interested? Still looking for the right person...

  • DeadOrAliveYTDeadOrAliveYT Posts: 2Member

    I'm not that good, but if you want, ill try and make a track or 2 for free

  • SmokeyAce73SmokeyAce73 EarthPosts: 370Member

    I'm working with @mouldysoul who is currently does sounds for my projects, Maybe you could give him a PM to see if he is free

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  • wij_manwij_man Posts: 66Member

    Hey @SmonkeyAce73 - Thanks for the suggestion. PMd him! :) Any chance you had an app on the store with some of his music (even a paid one....)?

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