First 3 KRK Studios Games on the App Store!

First three games from KRK Studios are currently on the App Store! I've had a ton of fun making them, even if they are a bit simple by some standards. Dizzy Ball is definitely my favorite of the three. If you like the games please rate them / like / comment on our Facebook page: (I'll most likely be having a sale on each game at some point in the future to make them free for a couple days a piece, but for now they are $0.99 each, so if you want to get them for free look out for Facebook announcements)

Don't Punch the Monkey: grab as many bananas as you can without punching a monkey

Stick Runner Game: classic button masher to see who has the fastest thumbs of them all

Dizzy Ball Game: attempt to get the highest overall score by combining scores from the Red, Green, and Blue levels (I'm just about to break the 300 total score barrier; sitting at 299)


KRK Team

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